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I am a UK based freelance photographer specialising in natural history and landscapes, although recently I have started doing social photography. I do have a day job which gets in the way of taking pictures but in my free time I am often to be found, camera in hand, in search of that elusive perfect shot!


I am not a fan of lists of tech specs because I think the person taking the picture is more important than the equipment used, but as people are always interested...

In the pre-digital days I was an exclusive Nikon user, my cameras being FE2 and F801. I only really used three lenses, 70-200mm zoom, 35mm (how I loved that lens) and 24mm, all Nikkor. Film was Kodachrome 64 with some Kodachrome 25 and Fuji Velvia.

Eventually, after much procrastination and research, I visited my favourite photography retailer all set to acquire a digital Nikon, but was persuaded to go down the Canon route. I currently own a EOS 5D mark ii and a 50D. Lenswise I have a 17-85mm kit zoom, a Sigma 10-20mm and 100mm macro.
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